If you want to do a proper measurement, you need to keep several things in mind. You can use only one interface at a time. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. As far as I can tell, that program essentially does the same thing as my program, but uses the GPIB command rather than the keithley driver commands. I have been using the KE labview driver to control the instrument. Which VI can be used to interchange between the two? You could simplify your life keithley labview a pair of Keithley s, s or s.

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I will post code.

For example, a simple picoamp Read test: I do not know if it is the one you mentioned. Google [Bot] and 0 guests. Is it possible that the limiting factor could be referencing keithley labview dynamic library where as your program just uses a direct call to the instrument over GPIB? Could you please help me to correct the program if something is wrong? Don’t follow the advice to install the keithley IO-layers. So initially, a few labveiw points.



Added is a small begin for a LabVIEW based instrumentdriver for the but this should be compatible Labivew program for KE picoammeter Solved! I have not been able to find anything that provides much detail. I have discovered the issue. It just uses keithlej loop labciew a READ?

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

Labivew program for KE picoammeter. I am thinking the is taking too long to make the measurement. All this information is in the manual for the instrument. Most Active Hardware Boards: Tell us if you get any error msg, so we can guide you further.

Also read the manual for further info, like around page You have to setup a labvisw triggering ek the Keithley units. Usually, you can do this with Concatenate Strings, or similar.

Assuming it also has a driver, refer to the links at http: Besides you are lucky, because proper VISA drivers were just released for the picoamp meter very recently April! Or, post back if the one you think will do does.


Labvifw will try the steps your suggested. Message 3 of Select Install Now you can access the VIs under the palette menu: You can use only one interface at a time.

You can make a simple VI to test your RS connection works fine. Perhaps you could try this VI? Message 9 of Who is online Users browsing this forum: Select “Keithley” from the “Manufacturer” list, and type “” into the “Additional keywords” field.

Get the cable Keithley provides. Message 10 of Message 2 of For example, a simple picoamp Read test:. This attachment does not use the internal buffer.