Industrial grey case; blue F1, F2 and navigation cluster; no numpad-like sublegends on the alphanumeric block; white on dark grey logo [] []. All this time, I’ve been typing on keyboards with least-common-denominator rubber dome innards. If you don’t want to make a donation, that’s ok too. IBM PCjr [20] []. Stepped modifiers, key all-grey PFxx block, two-stage risers, framed DIP switch area at the bottom, silver badge on the right side of the “upper deck”, blue sublegends. Add Your Answer Tips for a great answer: Micro Switch SW Series.

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While a keyboard and a separate mouse is the common and optimal configuration for most users, there are some environments where the use of a mouse is not possible.

IBM Model Kb Ps2 Computer Keyboard | eBay

Finally, Deck Keyboards — I remember writing about these guys years ago. They’re spiritually the same as those old-school arcade buttons we used to kb-993 on in the s.

Alternatively, you could contact IBM trhough their support site. IBM Display Station []. Das is a good, reliable brand keybowrd mechanical keyboards. The vintage IBM keyboard has detachable or removable key covers which are easy to remove for cleaning and may become lost during storage or transit.

If you want to dip your fingers into the world of mechanical switch keyboardsstart by asking yourself a few questions: So most certainly not driver related Often times this is caused by foreign object underneath the key such as a paperclip or staple or other food particle.


Page is under construction— this bk-9930 strictly a work in progress until this notice is removed; information may be factually wrong at times due to guesswork NOTA BENE: IBM keyboard with trackpoint pointing device part 82G, model M Look for the Blackberry Bold in the BlackBerry 7 and earlier section.

Terminal-like legends on F keys, navigation cluster and numpad; no LEDs [].

MNCS equivalent to ; plastic ovular blue-on-grey logo at the top left; framed LED area with no lock lights; cable channels; no drainage holes; made in Greenock. As I am a rabid Overclocker, this is kinda Important to me. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. When we inspected the electronics, all the metal had been corroded or oxidized by exposure to salt water.

IBM Type []. The keyboard is plug and play in bit Win7 – you won’t need to search for drivers. For instance, you can use the keyboard without the foobar but you cannot run the keyboard with foobar and no driver.

IBM Model Kb-9930 Ps2 Computer Keyboard

In these cases, the IBM trackpoint built-in a keyboard is a handy alternative. Related Question user manual Cell Phones. I’m sure it’s slightly tongue in cheek. Thanks for the reply.


Media buttons messed up. I want Win 7 stop using them – Microsoft Community

David Payne Level 3 Expert Answers. These are the only IBM clicky keyboards that come in black.

Mechanical switches are considered superior in every way by keyboard enthusiasts. Sometimes the larger keys, such as the Enter or Shift keys appear to be stuck. In addition, Unicomp produced a trackpoint keyboard 06H The individual key tops are easily removable for cleaning or for switching the format of the keyboard for different input languages.

You may want to clean the space bar and Shift keys and other large keys separately by hand, as it is important to avoid water from contacting the buckling-spring mechanism.

If you don’t want to make a donation, that’s ok too. Keyboard will work without the “advanced” drivers. Industrial grey case, black ovular logo with raised silver lettering at the top left, green Alt legends, grey sublegends on the numpad, no drainage holes.

But now Win 7 uses em’ for some insanse stuff.