Page 4 Even for these ships. The more recent problems at the reinsurance underwriting pool, POSA. Korean floods Landslides and floods caused by torrential rain killed at least 59 peo- ple, injured 40 a ad made 30, homeless in South Korea at the weekend, according to relief offi- cials. Reinsurance involved a transfer of risk and a premium was based on an assessment of the risk transferred. Dry cargo trades already developed a more optimistic tone in August, mainly as a result of seasonal grain trends, noted Matheson Chartering. Its always been a valuable advantage.

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Then Swiss Re UK saw that life companies were at last waking up to the importance and potential of this hitherto neglected selling area, but It lacked the expertise to deal with it professionally. Indeed, fea t figure specialised reinsurer, Tul Re, plants. Brokers reported about 40 vessels of 20m deadweight tons waiting in the area for employment. If they are not acquitted, the Libyan Government seems uncertain how to improve relations without losing face by releasing the other four Britons.

Relations between Japan and the fast-growing Asean group are important- Mr Nakasone, on a tour of the region last year, acknowledged this when he said ihe destinies of the two were bound together.

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Washing- ton believes there is now little chance that talks bn spue weapons, find proposed by tbe Soviet Union for this month is Vienna, will take plage. There is no need for underwriters to be demoralised; they hold the whip hand.

Competitiveness worsened by 3K per cent in the first half of and relative unit labour costs are now nearly 30 per cent higher than in One product which is particu- larly topical at toe moment is the irrevocable letter of credit A recent ruling of the National Association of Insurance Com- missioners NAICwhich groups together the state regu- lators in toe U. Premiums received in that period are noted, along with any com- mission paid, further claims notified, management expenses and any transfer to or from the profit and loss account.


The Nikkei-Dow market average advanced The traditional approach was more often than not to leave well alone. From experience, tee result is pressure on prices where supply far exceeds demand.

When the tide changed, the burning oil drifted hack towards the terminal, setting alight an am- munition dump on the terminal deck. Certainly, many factors have contributed to this — the con- tinued strength of the dollar helps brokers since most of their income is in dollars, and most of their outgoings in sterling. In the case of a ceding company, they propose a grossing out of rein- surance transactions to reveal its reliance on reinsurance pro- tection. GE claimed these aircraft would use between 40 and 60 per cent less fuel, compared with existing jet- powered standard-body twin and tri-jet airliners.

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The term denotes year. As is evident from the drastic corrective measures announced on 2 August 1 However, once the rate of inflation has been brought under better control and the balance of payments has improved, the way will have been opened for more rapid and sustainable growth in the ensuing years.

Tbe end of is probably going to see the most dramatic period of re- insurance correction that we have yet experienced. The work involves installation of steel columns and base plates, the columns weighing up to 15 tons.

Send off dun-jin for a booklet and application form by completing the coupon below. Page 2 Gang warfare Seven people were shot dead and 20 injured in a gang war between more than motorcyclists outside a tavern in Sydney, Australia.


That is only another IS years away, lest we forget.

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The aircraft contract is for 52 Stol aircraft for fun-jij troops. This Involves tiie investment department working closely with the rein- surers noting the nature and terms of liabili ti es.

The future, of course, is Evidence of this is the fact that a head office function, a product iuMhartablff.

Including IBM voiced its opposition to the propos- als, riwiming that only foreign com- panies would benefit from the tax reforms. Heir Poehl also stressed that competitiveness of West Ger- man industry had itself unproved, thanks not least to stabilised costs. The Bank of Israel attributed much of the August fall to the beginning of repay- ment of loans taken from the U5.

One of the biggest headaches for regulators concerns the montioring of foreign re- insurers, fh16-04b1 financial state- ments ijaiy widely from terri- tory to territory. Tbe problems of default have been caused by some of the fac- tors already identified at work in producing an international banking debt crisis. Id went into the red for toe first time in its got all those layer?

As part of its own bid foe Ft16-40b1 ky-Short combine bos proposed that it would offer the American S-7QA helicopter which would be an Anglicised version of the already widely used Sikorsky Black Hawk.