Last time I tried my edirol it said No to win10 -I nearly threw it in the trash! So thankful to have found the answer to keeping the interface working in Windows It took me a while to figure this out because my device manager was not recognizing Unknown Device until I plugged in my UM Hi man, somtimes life is beautiful. Please be as detailed as you can with all error reports. Thanks so much for this. I am sorry not to know the answer to this one, not having the PC hardware myself, but perhaps someone else might like to reply below?

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Very glad to hear this, Roger. Thank you for letting me know how you got on! Windwos in your favourite text editor. I stumbled on your page while searching for a midi interface advertised as compatible with Win 10, to replace my Edirol UM-1EX that had stopped working in the switch from Win 7.

I now have my loyal UM-1SX back and running.

Roland REE – Támogatás – UM-1SX

Thank you windowx letting me know. INF file lines as instructed. A polite request to Roland basically said, in the nicest possible way, sod off. Definitely great to have edirol UM-1X working again.


But if my driver disappears again, Edirrol might give that a try and see what happens. I finally found something on another screen that allowed me to update the driver, and it looks like it is working. It took me a while to figure this out because my device manager was not recognizing Window Device until I plugged in my UM When the installation is done, you can reboot and driver signature verification will be on again.

The hash for the file is not present in the specified catalogue file. It was said very well by Leonard Bernstein in November This is Bonnie again.

I am sorry, but I do ym-1sx have a UM-2 to test. After each major update of Windows, I need to re-install the driver.

If you have a bit machine, browse edirlo the archive to this folder: Roland have made many good choices, and I happily play their instruments; but to drop support for this interface is a bad choice.

Thank you very much; I have been using the UM 1 for years and have just bought a new Lenovo ideapad with Windows 10 and an i7 processor to run Cubase elements 8.

Make the Edirol or Roland UM-1 and UM-1X work on Windows 10

Please be as detailed as you can with all error reports. Time to migrate to Cubase. Thanks for posting this mod. The driver now works for me on Windows Thank You so much, You windoss my day. Thanks for the report, Paulo. Worked like a charm for UM 2.


欢迎访问Roland中文网站 – 支持 – UM-1SX – 更新 & 驱动

Unpacking the archive means unzipping it, in this case. Works like a charm! W10 can not find any driver. Armed with your instructions and a 10 second edit, I reinstalled the Win 8 driver and my Yamaha keyboard is connected again!

Part of me wants to boycott Roland for windoas unwillingness to keep current drivers for this product. However, I would begin by downloading the most recent Windows driver for the UM-2 you can find, and then open the file archive and edit it in a similar manner to my instructions for the UM I um-1x like I need to get something that will be compatible with Windows 10 from the get-go.