These pre-tested, off-the-shelf units mean a user can get to market quicker, with lower costs, and yet have the latest in VLSI technology. West Chicago, IL Intl. Up to 2MB in a single option slot. Real-time clock and parallel port options. Littleton CT J.

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Sunnyvale, CA Sales Contact: Electronics Hatboro Intel Corp. User selectable VMEbus priority. Operates with Replaces iSBC and Each Bus Guide gives you all of the updated who, what, where and how much of a particular bus line.

Box Woburn, MA What if you are referencing an Intel trademarked or registered word several times on a page?

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To tune system performance, both boards offer four alternatives for bus arbitration. Anaheim Taarcom, Inc.

And since Plessey makes them all, they all have high reliability, a one year warranty and Plessey support worldwide. Don’t be left behind, make “the vital connection” by ordering yours today.

Optional RAM version, bit floating point. AmA math itCPM compatible.


Argentina: Buenos Aires

Continued NY Leonard D. Who gets blamed when your applications grow and your single board computer doesnl? Controls double sided, double density 8″ floppy. Edina MA J. Pipelining promotes the ef- ficient use of the execution bus and helps make possible its higher bandwidth.

Operates at maximum bus bandwidth bit and bit precision floating-point operations Multibus adaptations for connection between master rack and slave rack for orders, data and 18 IT. Joel Leider Xebec Lakeside Dr. The MM86 works with any bus structure. Thus, the software in- vestment is protected and leveraged in low-cost designs based on highly in- tegrated processors such as the Figure 5.

Table Column Headings g. Type Features Abionics Incorpc rated. Multibus compatibl capacity of 2 wire-wrap panel has 19 dual rows of 47 pads each, providing the equivalent pin sockets. Sales Contac Dr. Conforms to the QIC Interface.

Another area of tremendous growth in the Multibus market is in the number of Multibus products made available to the industry by the growing Multibus vendor base.


Suddenly, you need more speed, more memory, and niore flexibility. Make use of pow: The best part about all this performance is that it comes on one board.

The Multibus architectural extensions occurred in the evolutionary process, because of the potential advantages in improved performance and flexibility. Since they are able to buy exactly the capabilities need- ed, both system cost and system size are kept to a minimum.

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Quentin Greece Elecomp Ltd. A common system interface which defines intermodule communication and data transfer protocols ties the buses together and allows designers to choose from several combinations of the five to meet specific application requirements.

Real-time software supports z900 appl ications.