Unfortunately, there is currently no Mac OS X drivers available for this projector. A 40″ projected image in a well-lit room shows how effective a high-gain screen can be. View the discussion thread. Nachiket Mhatre 06th Dec There is no getting around it, and has to be installed.

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Video playback is downright pathetic. No power adapter is needed; the USB cable provides the power for the projector. Screens – Which Screen?

While it was satisfactory for the most part, where it lost out was in fast moving scenes when the display became quite projetor. While we cant really hold this against the C, the black levels do tend to fade away a bit as the power settings are tweaked to full brightness and contrast. I had to fish out a Windows based laptop to test this device. Nachiket Mhatre 06th Dec The C has a native resolution of x pixels, but the projector is capable of handling input signals up to x pixels.

Even if you have very dim lighting penetrating the room, the display will be sufficiently bright to watch comfortably. Acer C Projector Rating 0 Dynamic Usability Acer SmartFormat technology provides complete multi-format support so users no longer need to adjust the resolution of the notebook.

Acer Projectors: Acer C DLP projector

Not only will it prevent scratches on the tablet, but also allows you to pack in the projector and the USB cable in one package and carry it without the risk of misplacing one or the other.


The problems ranged from really low framerates to ghastly artefacting and aliasing, despite trying out various permutations and combinations of systems, codecs, and playback software. Our Vendors Reviews Contact Us.

Acer packs in a carry pouch with the tablet, and we do appreciate that thought. Unfortunately, there is currently no Mac OS X drivers available for this projector.

What really works is the Convenient and Flexible on the Go Weighing a mere handful of grams g and measuring just x85x25 mm, this ultra-compact, easy to carry projector delivers powerful projection with a display size varying from 30cm pfojector to cm “.

Most impressive is the vividness of the colours.

Street Price As On 5-Dec It only needs a single USB cable to connect to your laptop and be powered while allowing you to enjoy your favourite movies, your holiday pictures or show your presentations. For a Pico projector, the brightness levels and the colour depth is extremely surprising, for the better. Acer C Pico Projector.

The USB interface also means that while a regular projector simply draws video signals from your graphics card, the C completely bypasses it. This works well in office scenarios, and handles light video watching sessions quite well. Acer provides projcetor optional 25″ grey screen for Rswhich strikes a good balance between contrast and brightness.


All those claims clearly turned out to be a big pile of horse dung, prkjector the C is only good for presentations. I found acceptable brightness and contrast levels when I projected an image of roughly half that size.

Acer C110 Projector

The projector has a native image size of x DisplaysAcerNachiket. View the discussion thread. The extreme portability is completed by a sophisticated black case that portrays refined elegance.

With Quick Start feature, the projector is ready for use in less than 15 seconds after power-on. Just to see how well it holds up with dedicated video viewing, we plugged it in to a laptop and placed it about 3 feet away from the wall. What’s more, a 26″ portable screen optional that’s foldable and easy to carry allows flexible mobile projection with quality imagery.

In a dark medium sized room, the brightness level is pretty much akin to an entry-level projector.