Again I had to install the OS on a seperate system and then install the drive in the Macbook. Maybe you need withhotkey. Apple has not chosen to allow drive Vendors to qualify their drives, and has not left the names of qualified drives in a config file where they could be modified without changing the code itself. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. The manufacturer has drivers for July 31st, 4. Crucial advised that I update the firmware on the SSD.

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The manufacturer has drivers for So, all else being equal it has to be a drive failure. This cycle is repeated a few times and then the drive will be good to go again. Since booting from a drive is much more intensive than simply reading files off a drive, these sometimes install OK, and sometimes even seem to be OK when checked with Target disk Mode from another Mac.

[SOLVED] Wireless not found: Nvidia MCP79 chipset

Other people have had similar problems with Crucial drives that require doing regular power cycles to restore functionality. But others are not trouble-free.


Join Date Jun Beans Posted by vinnyT – Mon 13 Oct Question marked as Solved User profile for user: At this writing, these are all quite a bit slower than the Busses available.

According to sources at AppleInsider.

I shared some of my experiences and observations. All replies Drop Down menu. Apr 16, Feb 24, 1: My M continues to work great after 6 weeks. That one was incompatible so I returned it and bought the Crucial M I purchased it from Newegg.

Comparison of Nvidia nForce chipsets

Apple is turning the spotlight to notebooks at a press event tomorrow in Cupertino, California. I’ve returned the drive as defective.

However, this solution is temporary and I’ve found reports from several Crucial SSD users stating that the power cycle fix becomes a weekly, or even daily, routine to maintain drive functianality. Feb 24, 8: I wonder if–since my nettop is tiny–the ethernet and wifi devices are confused together?

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Nvidia MCP79 chipset Hey chili, thanks for your response! Nvidia MCP79 chipset hmm. Anecdotally, the worst of these seem to be the models.

I put the original drive back in with a fresh OS install and everything is working flawlessly exactly as it was before I tried using the M To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Go to lines et seq and change this: Feb 24, 9: Apr 16, 3: That was the first thing I did after I got it up and running in the Macbook.

New nVidia MCP79 Chipset Driver Posted…

If it hadn’t worked, I would have given up. Again after 3 days the system became unstable. This was true whether the drive was internal or external at the time of install.