Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Nice price! I got the FastTrack about a year ago and I was impressed with the quality for the price. Y had any strange noises when I pressed a key on my keyboard. Pro Tools has been used by professional musicians and producers for a long time, and the Fast Track is the by far the most budget-friendly way to start using and learning the industry standard music production software. This is THE weak point of this card.

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M-Audio Fast Track Usb.

There’s fastttrack built-in MIDI interface. M-Audio recently updated its popular Fast Track audio interface, and since it’s been six years since we reviewed the original modelwe thought it was time for another look.

I’m a quiche computer then should not ask me too! By the time you get to the point where the sound quality of the Fast Track becomes an impediment, you’ll have plenty of experience in recording, and will likely want a better audio interface for other reasons such as needing more inputs.

I tested a lot of cards in this category.

With far superior sound than standard-issue PC audio cards, Fast Track USB delivers a high quality, skin-tingling audio experience—even if you’re just listening. Sound quality is fine for a budget audio interface.

M-Audio Fast Track – Review – PCMag UK

Be the first to review this item. The downside, pro tools is a pain due to its compatibility issues and im a pro tools guy but man does these guys have issues. That said, she has familiarized me with the world of Mao luis and I have at least that! I had no problem purchasing it. That may not look impressive on paper, but it’s plenty for solid recordings.


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Double-click on the icon next to the system clock to adjust the buffer size latency, from to samples and the sample rate I would have liked a few more controls on the box, but that would undoubtedly raise the price, and bring it closer to premium models like the more flexible Fast Track Pro and more transparent sounding Apogee One. Make sure you have an intel if you are using PC.

The included Pro Tools M-Powered Essential software comes with Structure Essential, which is a virtual software instrument with over 60 different sounds. Active musician, singer-songwriter Reviewer’s Play Style: This was the first model I got and I’m happy with it. The Fast Track from M Audio is one of the most popular interfaces they make because it is probably the most affordable ones and it is great for someone who is looking for their first interface.

I have gotten thisthing to work, it really isnt that hard, you just need to get the windows open and find the play buton I use this with Guitar Rig 4 – they work perfect together. Forget any other software that comes with having hoped for a stereo effect on your favorite guitar. This interface only cost about when it first came out and it is even cheaper now. The FastTrack is solid, but I wouldn’t call it rugged.


For the money, the M-Audio FastTrack is a great deal for anyone who wants to start recording basic tracks quickly. Another point annoying the effects of my G3, simply go to the door to the recording. M-audiio own it Reviewer’s Background: I use two keyboards, guitar and multi-effects, BAR connected to two modules E. InI began in the computer music and I did not understand what was recordkng the card interface etc etc I use it with a MacBook Pro and it’s very useful.

I find the user’s manual 12 pages is comprehensive enough.

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The early days were a time where catalogs didn’t have much of a presence in the industry, but what began as a college dorm room operation grew rapidly. And Jack input is not stereo, so you did in the bone! Sadly, there isn’t a fasrtrack output knob for the headphone jack, but that’s one of the concessions you make on a small interface like this.

The drivers are very stable though. The hardware is basically just an adapter to be able to hook a microphone and guitar fazttrack bass directly into the usb port of a computer.