Draw a box on the GLCD to a specific size. Question about driving x64 Graphic LCD. I for example have also sutch a screen and would like to try this on the raspberry. Default is 1 Can be set to improve performance. If anyone rectified this errors help me..

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Set a byte value to the controller, see the datasheet for usage.

Displays – LCD4Linux

It kind of flickers when the program stats, and ends and there is some flickering in the middle but no matter how hard I linyx I cann’t see anything displayed.

The only connectivity option is the 8-bit mode where 8 connections for the data are required between the microcontroller and the GLCD to control the data bus. Defining this will invert the Y Axis.

My first thought was a poor connection as I’m using a breadboard but I have now doubled up on all ,inux the connections so I am sure each pin has a good contact. In the code I have swapped the pin numbers to match how I have wired my screen, and when I run the program I get no errors in the LX Terminal They needed deleting and replacing for some reason Hi there, I am currently trying to interface to a similar LCD screen with the exact same controller chips from my RPi.


There are quite a few different driver chips used with these displays, which type does yours use – ST, ST? See Graphic LCD for details, this is an external web site.

Does anybody know how to manage hardware reset for display? Board index All times are UTC.

I for example have also sutch a screen and would like to try this on the raspberry. Please help me for this to overcome the ljnux. So here it gives me text randomly on screen after i pressed buttons that is the problem.

display: Driver ks0108 and cfag12864b

I had similar issues to those mentioned above in that I had to remove all of the indentations and re-apply them. This will initialise the driver. JavaScript is disabled on your browser.

It almost done but I have problem on write operation’s timing control. I copied your code into geany and then messed around for about an hour because it was complaining about indents.

Draw a line liinux the GLCD to a specific length that is filled with linhx specific attribute. Please enable JavaScript to enjoy all the features of this site. This equates to the standard GCB font set. Read a byte value from the controller, see the datasheet for usage.


This equates to the 8 pixel high. To use the KS driver simply include the following in your user code. Please can you help Thank you.

drivers: add lcd display support

Set a pixel on the GLCD at a specific position that is set with the specific attribute. Question about driving x64 Graphic LCD. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

For a KS datasheet, please refer here.

I now k0s108 the following error: Draw a box on the GLCD to a specific size that is filled with the foreground colour. I had to add in “self” into the def useDisp1 and useDisp2 defs ass it was giving the error: While i use remote login putty software to run my program it works well.