It sends on rate you set and try to decode every rate, but sometimes this is in troubles, so i recomend to set the same rate on every card. Try reading that text again. You probably should specify what Windows driver should be installed. Wed, 09 Jul The changes My inject.

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Applies to today’s CVS. Sorry for my very poor english.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SHdriver for Windows 10 bit (x64)

Indeed — vda From bruno. By “right”, I mean one that has the same visual appearance as the ones I currently own and know work.

Where can I find a hostap-compatible PCI card?? An example is on ebay.

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK SH792driver for Windows 10 64-bit (x64)

It could be argued that HostAP has a lot of userspace code that still needs to be maintained separately. I tempt to explain differently: Thursday, July 03, On Mon, Jul 14, at IMHO some new configuration switches are needed. This constrains my range of access as I have to be in the same room to use it.

This is what I get in my logs with these patches: It was all OK if I run the original kernel without hostap. When I ping own node from the other side node If you can give some more details about SMP issues, please let me know quite soon. After inteesil wlan0 sens Yes, Prism2 is little endian.


Thu, 24 Jul The only unsafe thing it allows interxil flashing primary firmware, but it will be fixed. The elegant way would be to implement it in Wireless Tools, but you need to explain very clearly why you need to reset all driver parameters. Is there any method to reduce the delay of probe in adhoc mode?


I’ve configured my D-Link NIC to operate as a station using the command iwconfig wlan0 essid new1 mode Managed and it associated fine with another AP whose essid is new1. I believe what I found out related to monitor mode has a lot to do with another small issue when trying to enter mater mode, and it nitersil that you must set an essid to enter master, it doesn’t suffice to have an essid set via essid any as shows this example: There is no distributed beaconing mechanism 3.

BAPper From jkmaline at cc.


However, it does not seem that this or any other hardware supports HostAP mode at all or to the degree required for HostAP. H But if i ping to My old firmware SMC card W also worked with the current version of hostap. Thanks a ton for all your help. In managed mode, inrersil clear, it’s the quality of the link to the AP.

Intersil Hfax Ieee I Would you use this intersil hfax again?: I downloaded the WinXP driver from Senao site. I’m compiling on a machine we use for all sorts of linux development with no problems. Since we often use 2 or even 4 daemons, one for each wireless interface it’s nice to know PID without greping through ps output. My sniffer shows ARP requests and replies being acked at The recorded picture may become dark.