The proposals involve significant changes to how drivers at fault in a crash are penalized under the current system of basic and optional auto insurance, as well as how many crashes are allowed without penalty, the time it takes to regain insurance discounts, and the discount process available for seniors, new drivers and out-of-province drivers. But, they lend their car to their neighbour Mike, who has a worse driving record than they do, with a previous crash. The province has considered increasing that threshold to 20 years. If the driver does not have as good a safe driving discount as the owner, ICBC often breaches the owner and driver of the contract of insurance. Jennifer has moved out, got her own car and is out of the picture. ICBC wants a three-year transition to the new premium system to avoid a high-risk driver facing an massive jump next year. Stephen can continue to drive, too.

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And people who earn risk premiums for more serious offences, such as drunk driving and excessive speeding, will also face increases of 20 per cent this fall and another 20 per cent in fall If an unlisted driver causes a crash, ICBC would charge the owner a one-time fee. The owner currently incurs the cost of premium hikes following crashes, regardless of who was driving.

Please read our Commenting Policy first. At-fault crashes going back 10 years will be a factor in rates, rather than the current three years. New residents to B.

Being clear about the ICBC road ahead. Four were rescued after floathome broke free in windstorm.

ICBC’s new fees for unlisted drivers and learners could up rates | Vancouver Sun

The surcharge is one of several new levies that motorists will face next year when insuring their vehicle with Pgincipal, which has a monopoly prrincipal basic auto insurance. Ferry refits in B. Basic discounts currently max out at eight years of safe driving, and would also be expanded to potentially 40 years of savings, though exact figures on what this would mean were not immediately available.


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Seniors who are found at fault for more than one crash could stand to lose their special discount based on age along with their safe-driving discount. The changes come into effect in September ICBC said those measures have helped, but are being overtaken by the problem of distraction in various forms.

Province proposes major changes to ICBC rate structure

Their records will be taken into account. Stephen can continue to drive, too.

Premium increases earned by racking up penalty points, by getting traffic tickets, would increase by 20 per cent this fall and another 20 per cent in fall Rates are still going to go up, the distribution of the increase is just going to be different.

Green party Leader Andrew Weaver said he was pleased with the proposed changes.

ICBC looks at penalizing drivers instead of vehicle owners, among many proposals for change

The fee would be bigger if the driver lives with the owner, like a child, but is not listed. Our Fees We charge zero fees until we settle your claim. The next phase of changes includes making bad drivers pay more and good drivers pay less. ICBC calculated for Postmedia News several scenarios involving family driving, learner licences, crashes and unlisted driver protection.


Attorney General David Eby, responsible for ICBC, said under current policy, drivers with three crashes on their record can pay the same premium as those with perfect records.

The province would change rules so that it would take 10 years to return to pre-crash insurance discount levels, rather than the current three years after an at-fault crash.

Then ICBC would weight the experience and crash history of both the primary and non-primary drivers in calculating premiums. Catherine Urquhart has more. The government reforms are an attempt to save the corporation money by changing the insurance system to penalize drivers based on their history of crashes and risky behaviour, rather than the current system which links insurance premiums to actual vehicles.

Curbing the lawyers is supposed to accomplish that. The highest-risk driver on the list say a teenager will be used by ICBC to calculate the remaining 25 per cent of the rate.

Four were rescued after floathome broke free in windstorm. Comments We encourage all readers to share their views on our articles and blog posts. The bigger underlying problem is the record crash rate.

But in this scenario, neighbour Mike has the same crash history as Erica. Changkng based on points and driver-risk premiums — separate from basic insurance — will skyrocket 40 per cent over the next two years.