I am not sure if I have ever tried , perhaps not. I ve got the exact same problem as ThomasNovin. New USB device strings: Trying to copy a not healthy option no name nor desc Terminated. Thanks for your help. Scanner works fine in Windows so no hardware problem.

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It’s older hardware, and there can’t be many users – so I can see why there’s little interest in fixing it It also seems that somebody knows how to compile this in Linux, but I am too new to try this. I think that this file, included in the libsane downgraded package, uses an outdated way of detecting the devices.

1.0.25 doesn’t work with HP ScanJet 5300C

August 7th, 8. I had thought that I got the scanner to work properly based on running some test scans se my previous post in this threadbut when I tried to use the scanner yesterday, and it seems that my initial prognosis that the scanner works with the HP software under w7 was a bit premature. I have exactly the same issue and I am on 3.

The second I just press scan. This information was last pulled 4 hours ago. Kevin, because I don’t possess the hardware I’m not familiar with the backend code and I’d need quite some time to become that. However against the linux-source The first I change a couple of resolution settings. See full activity log. From here, I do not know what the problem might be.


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I need driver of my HP ScanJet c scanner, which is compa – HP Support Community –

Preview scanjwt in xsane with a ScanJet C using the avision sane backend. If I could link the scanner to the HP program, Acrobat will let me select that combo as the scanner source.

I am glad that you get the scanner to work. It there is a different reply “with sudo” and “without sudo”, the problem is wrongly set device permissions and I will suggest you what to do in this case.

I found a group which might be it. Thank you for your reply. As I said before, my next step would be to install 56 K modem for fax.

Hewlett-Packard ScanJet C flatbed scanner won’t work

After unpluging the scanner and powering it off and on and repluging I rememberd Miguel observation not to use scannet but scanjst and there it just worked beautifully.

I found ways to put the package on hold here: I think I may have created a problem for myself. On Fri, at Download full text 3. This still exists in Feisty: The “stuck head” problem the scanhead doesn’t move on any preview scan after the first happens with both; once in this state, it can only be cleared by the process described in comment 0. Comment on this change optional. I ve got the exact same problem as ThomasNovin.


I’ve already posted the link to the manpage of the backend you should be using. Hewlett-Packard ScanJet C flatbed scanner won’t work I had a bit of a look at this last night, and the permissions are controlled by udev rules.

USB, HP ScanJet 5300c

Message 1 of 4. I’m using an up-to-date Jaunty and have experienced the above problem ever since switching to Linux.

Miguel would you suggest any other downgrade plus some commenting of antoher mysterious to me file of yours? July 7th, 1.