For a source of ideas of what commands you can send, you can look into the BT source code. It is very good, and therefore the hard work is worth the effort. It makes a track from every time you switch on the device and you will get the waypoints. It is manufactured by Holux Technology, Inc. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Holux. Also, if the battery in the M is dead, you can power it via USB, even while using Bluetooth connectivity.

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Judging on a map the tracking is very precise, at least procise enough to add GPS metadata to your images.

In this release, Bluetooth can be switched off, so the device can save power when no Bluetooth is needed, or keep logging in environments where Bluetooth is not allowed, holuz as in an airliner. So the great hi-tech item that I bought sits unused in my backpack.

I do golux the battery via my USB cable, while I download the tracks. This is only my opinion, yet owning another very cheap pricewise I can compare them side by side, and the cheaper one outperforms the Holux in all respects except looks, and onboard display. After reading out the data the software can convert it to.


For Bluetooth, default speed should work. Size 82 x 53 x 23 mm NONE About me Equipment Galleries Timelapse. You can check the version hopux you display the “Setting” page. You will always be informed about the current status on the big, clear screen. To get those, use the script from Saving waypoints with Holux M Other similar devices are flat and rubbery so they have a low center of gravity and better surface grip.

What are your experiences with different gears? It’s great that it operates for a couple of days on a single AA battery! Use -t for download tracks, -w for waypoints.

Holux M Data Logger

Analyze the recorded tracks and relive the tour once again, at home on your computer. The setup is not real intuitive you need the cheat sheet in handbut after that, it’s switch it holix and press start. This release still allows to set specific logging parameters while the device is switched on.

I noticed that the unit will break after “a few falls”. You can easily send custom commands by editing the source code. I did not get them with gpsbabel. Bluetooth as with most similar and cheaper devices Bad Points 1 Power hungry 2 Small display 3 Does not receive signal as fast as much cheaper devices 4 Does not have a flashing Led as much cheaper devices which can lead to leaving behind after a flight In the inside an usual AA-Battery is providing you can also use akku batteries a long operation time – up to a limit of about 12 hours of tracking.


Holux M GPS-Logger –

Easy to use, built for speed, 24 offering great functionality, this device is an ideal locating device for outdoor enthusiasts and parents who wish to keep better track of their children. Your email address will not be published. This is because instead of continuos logging, it logs the point every 5 secs. The Holux M Handheld GPS logger provides users with an ideal set of tracking solutions contained within a small yet extremely rich package.

They are also better at keeping the signal. Since the Holux M is able to store a Notify me of new posts by email. BT software works on Linux.

Holux M-241 Handheld

People who bought this also bought. Enjoy it even more with the Bluetooth receiver for wireless Geotagging with your Nikon camera, available here in our store! For a source of ideas of what commands you can holu, you can look into the BT source code.

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