The orange box in the pictures is version 0. Comment from the actual world champion: This system is too accurate. Yes, you have to stake down the tripods that the cameras are sitting on, because the detection is all about the movement, and if the camera moves, then everything doesn’t work. Soon it showed up that the Raspberry is too slow for this task.

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US Naval Propeller Fighter Wallpaper

How are you accessing those? I will repeat the test in calmer conditions. For instance, you say that you are using a fisheye lens on the Pi2 camera. Camrea needed components should fit in the box which is more or less water resistant.

All necessary and important information, as well as all following Bulletins, will be posted on this site. How do you see the video of where the camera is pointing when you turn it on?


The ship with all competitors arrive around 5: After digging some time I found the amazingly well written Python interface to the Raspberry Pi camera Barney, Do you have a parts list of what you are using?

Looking forward to seeing how well your system works. Originally Posted by concreteman Hey Barney. I had some water coming through the front lens needs and some water coming trough the top openings. The motion detection of the actual solution is completely camerw in hardware on the Raspberry.

F3F | ASUS Global

There is not much space left Views: Jun 12, You need an extra device doing this. The orange box in the pictures is version 0. Remember Me Forgot Password? I had quite good results with this hardware using a high sophisticated tracking f33f but the problem was still the poor performance in background separation.

American Naval Propeller Fighter Wallpaper

We have worked with Simon and Alvaro to get detection directions as well as some smarts in the software to try and get rid of false positives like timing and such.


Stay tuned for more infos and updates! Comment from the actual world champion: Return to Multi Task F3X.

See you in France ! And yes, the planes tend to disappear at some angles and with certain backgrounds.

Its great to have so cameraa people making solutions now Buzzer detects all 3. I had some success with the help of Michael O.

May 18, May 20, Tracker in action Today we had ff3f first successful training session. Today we had a first successful training session.

Oct 29, May 25, One day at the slope a mate told me that the Raspberry should have a build in hardware motion detection.