In , Rs 5, crore has been allocated for it. Vinayak Krishnan – March 20, Comments. Is there any provision towards safety? This year it has identified four ministries for discussion, which includes the Ministry of Home Affairs. Each year during the Budget Session, Rajya Sabha examines the working of certain ministries.

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Related Post Indian Railways rationalises freight fares Explained: Railways is also slowly losing traffic share to other modes of transport printfr as roads and airlines. The last dividend amount paid was Rs 8, crore in Modernization of Police Forces in Indian states.

Is there any provision towards safety? Skip to main content. InRs 5, crore has been allocated for it. The scheme has undergone revision over the years. It recommended that the MHA should make efforts to procure mine-resistant vehicles. Some other important objectives under the scheme include upgradation of training infrastructure, police housing, and computerisation. The Committee on Restructuring Railways had recommended that the three roles must be separated from each other. Allocation to the Pension Fund is estimated at Rs 47, crore.

The graph below shows the actual releases by the Centre and the States as percentages of their share in the proposed outlays: Recent changes in MSPs. This is due to a decline in the growth of both freight and passenger traffic see Figure 1. Where does Railways spend its money?


Funds from the MPF scheme are utilised for improving police infrastructure through construction of police stations, and provision of modern weaponry, surveillance, and communication equipment.

Every state has to propose an Annual Action Plan every year.

The MHA assists the state governments by providing them: What is the allocation towards depreciation of assets? How does MHA assist the police forces? The central government was to provide a seed printwr of Rs 1, crore, and the remaining amount would be raised by the Railways from their own revenues or other sources. Majority of this printet comes from traffic both freight and passengerand is estimated at Rs 2,00, crore.

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How is coastal security carried out? Vinayak Krishnan – March 20, Pdinter. However, private participation in Railways has been muted as compared to other sectors such as roads, and airports. The Committee on Restructuring Railways had observed that the expenditure on staff is extremely high and unmanageable. In the last few years, appropriation to the DRF has decreased significantly from Rs 7, crore in to Rs 5, crore last year.


In light of this, we analyse some key functions of the Ministry and the challenges in carrying out these functions. Planning Every state has to propose an Annual Action Plan every year.

Modernization of Police Forces in Indian states

This defeats the purpose of removing the dividend liabilities since they are not being utilised in creating assets or increasing the net revenue of Railways. Share Tweet Email Print.

Satisfaction levels with the housing provided were also ;rinter low. It was to have a corpus of one lakh crore rupees over a period of five years Rs 20, crore per year. The remaining allocation is towards grants to Union Territories, and other items including disaster management, rehabilitation of refugees and migrants, and the Union Cabinet.