Ink costs for the CX are refreshingly affordable for an inkjet printer. Just a thought but be careful as to the concentration of ammonia Thank you so much for your instructions which worked perfectly and my printer is now working. You can also make borderless prints in sizes ranging from 4×6 inches to letter size. This makes the CX ideal for printing notices or photos that will be exposed to air and light for some time. Before you send your machine to service center or abandon it, you can do these: The printer behaves correctly during the resetting procedure, but in the end it still won’t squirt ink.

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When in use, the paper input tray and the scanner lid demand extra clearance in the back and on top of the machine.

Thanks for the info, you are spot on. Paul should be given a Medal for this information – richardhie. The CX offers a range of useful copying and printing options. For Built-in card slots Good-quality scanner Borderless printing. I had Best Buy send mine off to have it diagnosed and I got a phone call telling me the print head was clogged and they could not unclog priinter. My cx won’t print from any source. This is what the pad looks like The C60 has priinter same paperfeed system as the Cx Are there any other steps I can take to get it to print simple black ink or is it a goner?


That’s the end of the story for me, except that I’ll be writing a long letter to Epson and explaining this process to them so they might be able to improve their service.

I have a similar problem, however my Epson CX has stopped just printing the color ink, the black works fine.

epson cx6600 needs reseting

prknter The cse is the only one with more than 3 sets of cartridges through it. The CX’s stylish design, features, and ink-sipping performance make it an efficient and affordable choice for small offices and home users, particularly those who don’t want to invest in a separate photo printer. After I prlnter this, the printer was back in great condition. Welcome to the club! I’ve cleaned the printheads over and over to no avail. It goes thru the motions but nothing prints on the paper.

Found another idea from “Tokyo” The cartridges are brand new.

The CX features a reasonably sized sheet input tray behind the scanner lid on top, but the sheet output tray in front is smaller cx66600 average.

This is an on going problem for me as well.

epson cx needs reseting | FixYourOwnPrinter

Now when I havent peinter the printer for a few days, and lines are appearing in printed documents, I get out the ammonia mixed with water and clean the ports all the colors work great. Like others this printer just quit shooting ink. Cleaned heads with alcohol, checked the tube and it looks clear; still no print. Happy New Year Re: Privacy Policy Terms of Use. What am I doing wrong, still not able to print after it goes thru all the motions and sounds pirnter it is priniting.


My printer quit printingvx6600 looking with a flashlight i noticed a clear tube the had ink in it, i tore apart the entire thing, to get at that little hose unplugged it crusty ink hooked it back up, and turned on And look in the gutter under the sponge.

Worked like a charm!!! I agree but my canon i is doing the exact same thing. The DuraBrite inks may offer durability, but it’s probably better to opt for a dye-based all-in-one and put up with a certain level of fade. Why doesn’t Epson own up to the fact they produced some garbage printers and make it right by us consumers? But its scanner doesn’t work anymore.

The Epson Stylus CX inkjet multifunction capably copies, prints, and scans photos, images, and text. That will ususally fix it.

Most Frustrated, John Dent.