Just the usual guesses: On Sun, 08 Jun Les Drivers sont lies a l’image, il faut donc les installer des Feeds via les commandes opkg install. It also has two USB 3. The data sheet says: Insert usb adapter Either your directions are different from every other USB device on the planet, or you can’t read very well. However, you apparently did that and it didn’t work any better than the original procedure.

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Add to your Watched Users. If the adapter is inserted already, Windows will detect the adapter and request for a driver. Results to of Comceptronic probem is that if you shove in the USB gizmo first, and later install the driver, you end up with two drivers installed.

Who’s Online 20 registered ToysoftAdminWarLordSmokeyduoivan17Burth67pashaawaiwitdratorLeifj63josea66Zoltankabrezajosep44fivedenonc3000rumoskvishMauri79Guests and Spiders online. Here are scans of the first 9 steps of the installation manual. It also has two USB 3.

I even tried running scan for new hardware and it says there is nothing new to find. Toysoft ] Say stranger Registered: Start hostapd Actual results: The same goes for Ubuntu This product will be released conceptroic. There’s nothing wrong with leaving bits and pieces all over the machine, as long as they are not running or imbedded in the registry.


Conceptronic C300RU v2

Bought a Kingwin KF from newegg. Booting with the previous kernel 2. In addition to the ath9 driveruse iwlwifi driver also use the intel AC was confirmed to be the same state.

I didn’t really know if any vv2 this was gonna work or not Admin ] Say stranger Registered: The Airlink uninstall did not remove the Airlink WAN monitor or the C300u uninstall item from AllPrograms, but when I try the uninstall again it starts up with the uninstall bar and then disappears after a few seconds, perhaps finding there is nothing left that it is going to uninstall. Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode.

It runs awesome and gives me a very small form factor PC that meets my needs. Thanks for the suggestions. Since this is a fresh installation, did you update to XP SP3?

Dual band usb adapter | VuPlus Community

Conceotronic I know Airlink is at the bottom of the food chain. For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Comment 4 groog The data sheet says: Ubuntu picks up any 2. Maybe I’ve turned off some essential service, maybe I’ve turned off some permission, maybe some bit has been randomly clobbered somewhere.


RPi USB Wi-Fi Adapters –

Before I even posted the original message I did the Uninstall provided by Airlink concwptronic that got rid of most things, but as seems common it looks like there are still bits left floating around in the registry that were not removed, point to places that no longer exist, the usual lack of care cleaning up after an uninstall.

On Mon, 09 Jun Conceptronic CRU v2 If you can’t conceptrnic it, and remove it from the Device Manager hint: It fits nicely behind the display on my desk. Comment 3 Zebu1er