Please do try using Class. I went to the IBM website https: See Performance Considerations for information about configuring this property for optimal performance. Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘liferayTransactionManager’ while setting bean property ‘platformTransactionManager’; nested exception is org. Specifies one or multiple SQL commands to be executed by the driver after it has established the connection to the database and has performed all initialization for the connection. User ID or Password invalid. Ensure that the JAR file is in the expected directory.

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DB2 10 – Java -Example of a simple JDBC application

The database server must be running one of the following database versions:. To ensure that you connect to the correct client, DB2 maintains a registry of local and db2driveer databases. This property is ignored if the GrantExecute property is set to false.

Db2diver processed in ms May 24, 7: You may want to set a login timeout using the LoginTimeout property to avoid problems when connecting to a server that does not support SSL.

[RESOLVED] DB2 eption: No suitable driver – Forums – Liferay Community

For example, the syntax of the following database names in the sourcedb and destdb parameters are deprecated: In this mode the database will commit every time a SQL statement is executed and free all of the sections that were opened. Rolling back a transaction closes all cursors db2river of how this property is specified. When Eql is enabled, the following properties also apply: These sections are used for handles and prepared statements and the associated result sets.


I have the similiar problem. The initial connection may take a few minutes because of the number and size of the packages that must be created for the connection. The default is true. Can any body help.

I use the type 2 driver, driver [COM. The DB2 server relies on the client to authenticate the user and does not provide additional authentication. The Password property provides the password. Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘t ransactionAdvice’ while setting bean property ‘nextMethodInterceptor’; nested exception is jdbd. N o dialect found java.

This value overrides the directory of the keystore file specified by the javax. Specifies whether results are restricted to the tables and views in the current schema if a DatabaseMetaData.

This value overrides the password of the truststore file specified by the javax. What i see a difference between iReport and jaspersoft studio is they using different driver to connect to de DB2 db.

As the number of open sections increases, so does the likelihood that a deadlock situation may sin. When SSL is enabled, the following properties also apply:.

This means you must install the Wql client classes dlls on your client. The result set column is described with a column type of CLOB and the column type name is xml.


The driver sends an encrypted user ID and password to the DB2 server for authentication.

If set to false, the driver does not validate the certificate sent by the database server. When your profile access is configured, you can connect suh your DB2 database by using your database name.

DB2 JDBC Driver and URL Information

Error creating bean with name ‘com. An auto-generated key returned by the DB2 driver is the value of an auto-increment column. If the cancel request times out, because the server is down, for example, the driver throws an exception indicating that the cancel request was timed out and the connection is no longer valid.

Specifies the password used to access the truststore file when SSL jdbx enabled using the EncryptionMethod property and server authentication is used. The driver automatically retries the Insert or Update statement, sending the data as Long Varchar for Bit Data, if the pointer in the stream can be reset to the beginning of the stream.