The hurdle revolves around having two concurrent database connections open in CodeIgniter. Thank god this was so easy. I did read about some resolutions regarding DNS settings, and skipping name resolutions in the db configurations. But when I moved to production, requests were taking 6 seconds each. View a Printable Version. Parameter 1 should be your database connection id.

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Mario Alejandro Loza Armand Ugon: How to connect CodeIgniter to MS SQL Server

Mssql driver doesn’t come convenient in PHP. Mitteg Codelgniter Member Posts: I have gone mad after this, still not able to correct this errorI used this setting in database. I should also say this before I start: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I just want to be able to connect to that server.

Once I had to move a complete system from a windows server to a linux server. One headache that has an easier fix than you mentioned is xodeigniter the ReturnDatesAsStrings connection setting to 1. Joined CodeIgniter Community The servers to be used were already in place, and well, it just had to be this way.


7 Steps to make SQL Server and Codeigniter Works

All I had to do to switch between drivers when I deployed to the new environment was edit the configuration. Do something like this: This throws a serious wrench into things. So where was this strange delay coming from?

Thinking these things over will save you a lot of time, and hopefully leave the stakeholders a whole lot happier.

CI and Microsoft SQL Server nightmare

When they switched that codeigniterr it made a significant performance boost and fixed that weird lag I was experiencing with CodeIgniter on IIS too. File Permissions and Logging As the author of WPSearch, a Wordress search plugin which does heavy work with the filesystem, I can say that the number one cause of broken installations is that the permissions are too strict.

Mysterious lag time IIS can exhibit some odd behavior regarding response times. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. It would be great if you could help me fix this error.

The app was reporting that it was finishing responses within ms. From the shell, I ran: Email Required, but never shown.


Send thread to a friend. Thanks to some great work done by others over the codeignite 2 years, this setup was actually possible. When I first deployed to the production server, all I would get for responses was a blank page. Wow-you sure have had some problems! From CodeIgniter, I set the database to use mssql as my driver, and I was home free. I then thought there might be some sort of redirect loop going on.

As you know, sqlsrv return dates as DateTime objects and mssql as String. View a Printable Version. At the end I had to rewrite a lot of code.

I was forced to decide between converting the. Sign up using Facebook. Subscribe to this thread. This is driving me crazy.