Video shooting options at the highest settings give you x p a Free Prizedraw Why join? Capture every Christmas moment. The control stick is handy allowing you to select white balance, flash settings, macro mode, as well as set the on-board illuminator. You will be able to capture video at x 30fps.

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Agree or disagree, or just have a question? Many more years ago that I care to admit, I spend an enjoyable summer season as a beach photographer at a local holiday resort snapping away at holiday makers in the hope they would purchase my photos. Video is shot in MPEG4. The control stick is handy allowing you to select white balance, flash settings, macro mode, as well as set the on-board illuminator. Why do you need it? The best interchangeable lens cameras available to buy today.

If you like this article then why not link to it from caamileo site! Search Gadget Speak reviews: When connected to a PC, it is easy to transfer files across, but equally, you could just whip out the SD card and put it into a card reader. If you’re asking a question – join GadgetSpeak first. Reviews by related category Toshiba.

It is let down, however, by the ultra-cheap finish and a jerky zoom that could induce serious seasickness in your viewers if you use it too much. More on these later.


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The Camileo does tend to be noisy on the audio front, with little protection from wind or background noise, and no option for an ancillary mic. Click here if you’ve forgotten your password. Outdoors the camera works well, especially on vamileo and middle distance subjects, but we found that at a distance things dropped off rapidly, with loss of definition and colour. This limits your range indoors — close work is no problem, camileoo looking down a corridor is really gloomy.

However I would suggest that maybe the inclusion of MB of on-board memory would be considered frugal, even derisory. In our tests at the street fair, the audio is at times verging on overwhelming, but again it depends on what you want to film. Best compact cameras However it should be pointed out that the use of a memory card, while increasing storage capacity, does block access to the internal memory when it is in use.

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Start inviting your friends along! Why don’t you be the first? Verdict The price makes this an absolute bargain and the picture quality is excellent – especially on an HD television.

The styling makes it look a little like a toy, and the plastic casing does nothing to help this. Various icons are used to indicate the current settings and while these icons are adequate for the purpose, you would never consider them to be high definition.


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Well – there are lots of reasons to join, depending on you and your interests: Whilst the screen quality looks ok, hv info icons applied to it are basic and clunky, but can be turned off. Pop the screen out, point the camera at your subject and press record. If you have children or grandchildren this is the perfect camcorder for capturing all those memories with no frills, bells or whistles. Reviews by category Toshiba.

Enter a low light lro and the Camileo Pro HD begins to struggle. You get a USB lead, power lead, AV cable, component video cable, ear-bud style headphones, wrist strap and remote control unit. Included among the various Menu options are videopicture, night shot, video light, effect and exposure.