Shaft type and length? Pushing your 1st tee shot into the 18th fairway is a great way to shatter your confidence before your round even starts. But that’s just me. Cobra offers three main shafts for the F8. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

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December 08, at If you gain 20 yards to the center of the fairway, giving up 20 yards in distance is a wash. If you hit the ball shorter, your swing speed will be lower than beat. No cast drivers here.

This is a clever strategy because it means that the clubs do not drop dramatically in price from year to year. This is no easy feat and the Titleist engineering team succeeded with some smart design choices. In the case of the M1, the extra mass was shifted to ebst sole of the club which reduces the center of gravity.

Best Golf Driver | We Reviewed the Top Rated Drivers to BOMB it in

Search Advanced Search section: Remember to keep it straight, and play great. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The relationship between clubhead speed and ball speed is called the Smash Factor — one of my favorite golf physics terms.


Providing adjustability, and high level performance, a really nice club to the bag. When used on the crown or the rear section of a clubhead, carbon can reduce the overall weight of a driver. But not as long as the driver’s. Brian Peck 27 years old. Then it moved out even bigger and started using titanium.

Typically, cc drivers are designed for players that like to shape the ball more in the air as they generate different launch conditions compared to cc heads which generally offer more forgiveness. Heavier materials such as tungsten can help increase a club’s perimeter weighting which will increase MOI. Some of the distance loss is the extra inches of shaft length with the driver that increases head speed.

Not only that, but the adjustability is incredibly simple to understand, with five main positions for standard, max speed, forgiveness, max fade, and max draw. How does driver adjustability work? Or is the driver the foundation of a good set and a good game?

I am going to read it again and make some notes. The curved, bubble shaped drivers caused air rounding the top and bottom to clash, resulting in inconsistent. Golf’s governing bodies have set the COR limit at 0. I would bdst based on how club gaps work, that it woud be no more than 20 yards.


I grew up playing with persimmon drivers and woods.

Don O Madison, WI. Whilst this sounds great, longer length will a little sacrifice control and increase the shot dispersion. The Callaway XR 16 Pro. See Hireko Golf, Monark Golf, and others on line.

Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box? I just bought the vr tour.

Non Conforming Driver

Beware the New Car factor Most golf club manufacturers release a new product every years, similar to car companies or smartphone producers. It helps to have a feel for your typical ball flight — does it fly high or low? Preferred Checkout Back to Top.