Now, no discussion of ATI video cards would be complete without a complaint about their drivers: Thanks for your work and for your time. These driver tweaks provide a better DVD image quality, and higher benchmark scores. Flickering artifacts are noticed on the game characters after approximately 15 minutes of game play. The pasted range remains selected. I can send a clip of this occurring, you can contact me by email. I haven’t check the audio yet because I’m still capping right now.

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USing VDub to save it straight to xvid I woneer out the Firewire cable and set up a kernel debug session, and sure enough, it was a thread stuck in kernel mode on a wait in the ATI capture driver. Thanks a lot Georges – 03 02 05 – I have had to do this to stop automated comment spam. Anybody have an idea at how this is working? Sorry, not much I can sonder about that. Hope this can help more.

Fortunately, you can set the most common frame rates by clicking on the frame rate in the lower right — that’s what I always use and that’s why I missed it. Tim Hays link – 19 05 05 – Also I can only use the Microsoft WDM Image capture device to capture because if I use the ATI Rage Theatre capture device mode,listed in the devices option box,the picture seems to have blocky horizontal lines whenever there is any movement in the video.


Capturing at half the maximum resolution should work, but if you want higher resolutions, capture at full resolution with a lossless codec or one that has an interlacing option XviD and use a deinterlacing filter afterword.

Direct show codecs ,such as those used by windows mediaplayer, are not suitable.

ATI Catalyst Radeon (Windows XP//Media Center) Driver – TechSpot

You may also need to access the mixer still to adjust input volume levels on your sound card. Zanth – 17 01 05 – I would not expect this card to act normally about anything. DirectShow driver now works with stop preferences.

The VFW driver cannot switch sources and will always use the default sound card selected in Windows. However, it usually isn’t enough and the result is noticeable degredation in video quality.

Audio is 16bit, 32 khz. SonOfAdam – 11 01 05 – Whenever I would click on capture video Virtualdub would say that no capture device was attached to my system.

Sat Apr 07, 6: I didn’t check whether this option still works in 1. On the second tab, “Capture Source,” you’ll find a drop-down box.

VirtualDub released –

I presume they tweak it to get bright whites, but the result is usually bright areas of the screen blooming to solid white or really ugly yellows. Please can u tell me what to do to have this problem resolved.


I half expect it to stop working with virtualdub as every new version comes out but so far it is behaving.

Maybe it’s not supposed to? Reprocessing with change of framerate corrected the problem.

Mike link – 12 01 05 – I don’t have a voodooTV. Attempting to extend the desktop display when using a CRT, TV and DFP display devices no longer results in display corruption being noticed on the primary display adapter. Video seems to decode fine Mainconcept codec.

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A blooming or ghosting effect may be noticed when playing the game in night vision mode. Sufee – 20 09 06 – I have used the sync version for a long time because my hardware has terrible sync.

None of the other settings in that wonver work right now, btw.