This is the advantage of using native resolution with native 3D display format. Who you gonna call? I am having some trouble with sound via the optical out from my Samsung UE48H and I’m trying to pass the sound through from the computer that is connected up via display port to the tv. Thank you very much.. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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Have you any suggestions? Have you tried Tridef DDD? They do have crosstalk and it can be constant.

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I would recommend overried out the following once your system arrives: But now I would ask you: Of course, for the 3D to work in practice, you must use your monitor’s native resolution, as that’s how the polarizing mask is apllied to the screen. And a few months ago i will trying with ati video card and the same problem. It was really easy. It is possible to get 60hz to strobe with a VT betweenthis depends on the monitor however.


Ive gone into “moninfo” and here is what is reported when enter the program.

EDID Override Thread – Page – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

No more p, no more sluggish p. Windows 8 is a bitch.

I use this method Hence it’s not “wrongly” detected. You just need the following vertical total values: Thanks for your question.

You may be encountering an artifact specific to World of Warcraft, but just keep in mind that you may not be able to push the depth aceg far in certain applications.

After I hit permissions, then advanced, then add. If things go wrong in the system, you will be serious fxxked.

Supports overscan and underscan IT scan behavior Like I said, it does create the double image and blur and becomes steroscopic, but once I put on glasses it is not proper, it is very corrupted.

One has two left eye lenses and the other has two right eye lenses.

Nvidia 3D Vision – Huge Improvement on Passive 3DTVs (EDID Override)

Thanks James and Zach for all your help. Who you gonna call? Zach, I am having trouble with 3D games due to the amount of ghosting.


After the fix, I can run 3D applications at p 60hz without any color bleeding or other artifacts!

If there is ace tv that supports that. I think i got it at 40 and it was just perfect. Do this for both sets. Works like charm on LG LA Head of Blur Busters – BlurBusters. Thanks for that great guide.

Nvidia 3D Vision – Huge Improvement on Passive 3DTVs (EDID Override)

Deny locked out my ability to adjust depth, unlock advanced hotkeys, adjust convergence, and saving profiles or using any hotkeys. Great work, but now there is no 5.

Board index All times are UTC. Rounded to nearest cm 3D structures supported. You can check out that forum thread to learn about a fix for this issue.