Overview Deals Reviews Specs Videos. The two things about this phone that annoy me the most is the outside camera button and the alarm while being charged. I’ve used my phone to take pictures of clay tablets in a local museum, and they provided The battery could be charging for hours, but when I take it out the charger and begin using it, the bars immediately go down to one or begins blinking as if I haven’t charged the phone for days. Even the design is crap.

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I was in line at the mobile store not too long ago and the customer in front of audiovix was bringing in his audiovox for the exact same problem. Bad charging port I’ve had 2 of these phones in 16 months and will have to buy a new phone soon It’s an average phone I made the mistake of buying this phone before reading reviews on it.

Audiovox CDM 8910 – Silver (Unlocked) Cellular Phone

I made the mistake of buying this phone before reading reviews on it. It also doesn’t pick up too much background noise. The Audiovox currently has an Informr score of 7 out of Help inform others by sharing your experience with Audiovox It’s got what most other phones have.


With this phone, that’s exactly what I got. By registering, you agree 89100 our Terms of Use. We value your privacy and will never share your email address. The camera is about right audiovoc keeping a couple of cute face shots of our kids at hand.

Show More Show Less. Big strong hands and little phones usually don’t mix, but this one can take it!

I figured it was a bearable fix to deal with untilI could get a new free phone under their “New Every Two” program. This also makes a shoulder-hold work nicely hub doesn’t do headsets, either.

Cell Phone Batteries for Nokia They are plenty good for capturing a laugh and keeping the family close when traveling. This is probably the worst cellphone on the planet. Nokia Smartphones Unlocked.

Audiovox CDM-8910 / PM-8912 / Flasher V7

Compare this phone to: Then came the Audiovox CDM That was with a fully charged battery. I bought this phone since my awesome went kaput screen xudiovox blank after 2 years of being the original owner. The odd thing was that once I turned the phone back on it would go back to saying it was fully charged -until I tried to use it again.

Bad quality even for an early camera phone. The bad thing with my was that I broke the charging port! I thought it was something I did as that is what I was told by Verizon when I had to get it replaced last summer.


Audiovox CDM / PM / Flasher V7 Specs, Features (Phone Scoop)

I tried to compare this new charg er to others at the stores and even tried one from walmart but it didn’t work. The BackBeat Fit fall into the company’s sport and fitness range, making them a viable option for people who value stability and sweat resistance during their workouts. I keep my phone in my bag during the day.

Audipvox extensive distribution network and its long-standing industry relationships have allowed Audiovox to benefit from growing market opportunities in the wireless industry and to exploit niches in the consumer electronics business. All in all, I’m pretty happy with this phone. I hope the other virgin mobile camera phones are better, than this piece of crap. Where can should I go for support, replacement or repairs?